Fan constantly at max rpm/not detected

Discussion in 'Asus' started by ArakelTheDragon, May 20, 2017.

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    Good day! I replied thermal paste (Arctic Silver mx-4, cooler master mastergel maker, a 1w/Mk cheap paste) on my laptop but after that my CPU began to overheat consistently and no matter what I do what paste I use, the fan works at maximum rpm and is not detected by my laptop I believe. When I start speedfan, it doesn't show me the rpm and on startup it gives me "no active display found". I see the temperature of the CPU and GPU and its fine on 40 degrees.

    Laptop: Asus X55VD
    Paste used: Cooler master mastergel maker at 11w/Mk
    Arctic Silver mx-4 at 8.5w/Mk
    Cheap thermal paste Manhattan at 0.95w/Mk

    Recommended for my processor Intel B980 is Arctic Silver mx-2 at 5.6w/Mk

    The fun part is that when I put a better paste the processor overheats more.
    Does anyone have ideas?
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