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FalloutNV has stopped working.... Help please

Discussion in 'Alienware 14 and M14x' started by Paddon, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Paddon

    Paddon Notebook Evangelist

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    I have just re-installed win 7 on my laptop and I have installed my first game on it, fallout new vegas but I can't get it to run.. I launch the game and I gry like an introduction credits screen them it crashes almost immediately.. I get the message "falloutNV has stopped working"

    Now I.am wondering if this has got anything to do with me copying the game folder from my hard drive rather than download from fresh... I did however download all the dlc from fresh because I've only just got them.

    I've tried the following...

    Instal latest dirrect X
    installed latest nvidia driver
    Tried verifying integrity of files through steam
    Tried defrag through stream

    I've googled this problem but still havent found a solution... This nbr forum is my last hope lol

    Thanks for any help
  2. smokingjam

    smokingjam Notebook Evangelist

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    i had this problem. i installed the beta driver 275.5 and nv started working again with no probs.
    just make sure its running with gt555m.
    try reinstalling new vegas as well. also after this prob my saves wouldnt work. i have to clcik new game, let that load then load my current save and its fine

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