factory rooted fz-x1 ????

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets' started by toby916, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Hi guys first post and I'm afraid its for help.

    Bought the fzx1 from a Panasonic dealer.

    Had issues with app store not working. Contacted Toughbook Support (bloody rude people) and they said I mist have rooted the device. As they don't root them.

    I can't install any apps. From the app store anyway .

    How can I check if I am actually rooted?

    Does anyone have a way of installing a PDF reader so I can access the phones user guide (its on the phone in PDF with no pre installed PDF reader of course)

    Finally I have done hours of searching and seemed people go to great lengths to root the tough pads... So its not an easy task. And mine came in a sealed Panasonic box....

    Scratching my head and wondering if I've just wasted a large chunk of cash... Really expected Panasonic to have had better customer support than this!

    Anyhow off to enjoy a good festival in the rain. But not to worry. I can still use my phone without any issues :) :)
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