Experiences with the 1070-version of the GT63VR?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Haggbart, Mar 18, 2019.

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    I apologize if this has been answered before, I tried to do a search on the forum but couldn't find a clear answer.

    I'm looking to buy a new gaming laptop, and I want to get one which is silent at average load, have good build quality and decent performance. I'm upgrading from an ASUS g750jz (GeForce 880m). I originally wanted a new 17,3" laptop, but the GT63 Titan is about 6 pounds lighter than the ASUS (and I travel quite a lot), as well as a real powerhouse. I'll hopefully get used to a smaller screen with time.

    I've noticed that the most popular version of the GT63 seems to be the 1080-version, but that version is extremely expensive in Norway. In fact I can get the 1070-version for just over half the price (GT63VR 8RF-034NE). According to Notebookcheck, even the 1080-version of the Titan is very silent on average load levels (35db), so I hope the 1070 version is even more silent and perhaps runs at lower temperatures, given that the GPU's watt-load is about 20% lower.

    Would love to hear from someone with experience with this particular model
    - How is the thermals and fan noise while gaming? I'm not necessarily playing the latest games, but I decided to buy a new computer when I saw that Kingdom Comes Deliverance was too heavy for my almost 5years old ASUS (which has been fantastic for me, I have to say - although it's somewhat noisy under load, about 42-43db on avr). I see some struggle with high temperatures with the 1080-version, and I hope it's better with the 1070. I won't be opening it and installing thermal paste or anything like that, it needs to work well out of the box.
    - How is the build quality compared to the huge ASUS? (which, again, has been absolutely fantastic - built like a tank). There are rumours of hinges breaking fairly easy on MSI laptops, is that also a common problem with the Titan?
    - Does the screen definitely have G-Sync? I've seen several sources state it does (it's the 120hz full HD, TN-screen), but the website the machine is sold from in Norway says it doesn't. I even called, and they said no. MSI don't state it on their website, but several US-based sources says yes. Is there any chance the European model use a different display? For me that seems very unlikely, given the specs on the screen seems to be the same.

    Thanks in advance for input!
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