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Discussion in 'Dell' started by zogthegreat, May 10, 2019.

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    I used my old Dell XPS 13 (1st generation) in the UK (which has a third ground pin), but my AC adapter conversion plug did not - so essentially running with no ground. I was there for about 7 years, without any issues or my laptop blowing up.

    My two cents.
    You will be fine with just an adapter plug. Again, in Europe, there are only 2 pins anyway so you aren't getting a "ground" pin.
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    Personally I haven't heard of such case. I only saw one person on forum saying that with no ground connection, his notebook would shock him everytime he touch it - i guess it was faulty.
    I'm just saying what I learnt from my electrical engineering studies. It is not designed to prevent failure, but the outcome of failure. Under plastic case there is a shielding layer, which is connected to ground pin. It's purpose is to block electromagnetic emissions from circuitry. It does not work well without ground connected. Typical user probably won't notice that, but the emissions could interfere with radio.
    Except that, under normal conditions nothing should be happening.
    BUT, exceptional conditions may happen and novadays devices are designed to keep people from harm in such.
    In case od physical damage that shielding could be exposed to touch as well as it could be shorted to live pin. In such case you could get shocked, if you grab your power brick with bare hands with no ground and touch exposed shielding. Getting shocked by 110/230V will make your muscles grip power brick even stronger - you lose control over your hand.

    Of course you won't get shocked by 20V DC. It is too low to harm you and that's why it is in the "extra-low voltage" range.

    It's all prevention and those devices are required to have ground pin by law. It up to consumer if he makes use of it.

    I don't know in which country do you live in, but in Poland all new electric 230V AC installations are required by law to have ground pin. No ground is rarely seen here novadays. We use type E sockets.

    Little information here:

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