Eurocom's Garbage Support & Co.

Discussion in 'Reseller Feedback Forum' started by Addo, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Thought I'd update you all on the state of my laptop.

    Thanks to @woodzstack for offering his repair services. I've shipped the laptop to him. He gave the laptop a thorough cleanup and reapplied the LM properly. The temperatures are definitely better at idle, but I still see PROCHOT being hit (all cores getting to 94-96 celsius) on longer gaming sessions.

    Interestingly, a guy named Mark from Eurocom reached out with this and I quote:
    I understand that you are unhappy with our support that you received. Is there anything that we can help you?
    Sky MX5 R3 comes with BGA based CPU and GPU and it has limited thermal envelope to keep physical size down so it can't be overcloked the way you would overclock full size laptops such as Sky X4 series.
    Why you didn't report keyboard ghosting right away? ‎ We would just ship you replacement keyboard in advance and you would just replace yourself and return back defective.
    Sky MX5 R3 is very good lightweight laptop with certain thermal limitations, it uses mobile versions of both CPU and GPUs with fixed thermal specs and therefore it was not designed for overclocking.
    We stand by our products and service and are willing to work with you to be happy with our products.
    Best Regards
    Love Your Laptop | Eurocom Support Team | @EurocomTech

    Ye, "willing to work with you to be happy with our products". Honestly, I was glad that someone was willing to help me out from Eurocom. I've replied, reiterating what has been said in the first post. Guess what? I haven't received a single reply afterwards. This is TWO MONTHS ago. I've been told that this guy could be the CEO of Eurocom. Well, I guess now we know why your support is utter garbage.

    I don't think there's anything else I can do to improve the temperature situation with this laptop. It's working alright now, but it bothers me that these high temperatures have to be hit. I can't be sure, but do you guys, other Sky MX5 R3 users, have the same temperature issues? I'm gaming at a -100 mV, with an external fan and LM applied.
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    Unfortunate about your experience with the reseller.

    Are you gaming with the fans on max when hitting these high temps? (fn+1)
    Also be vary that some cooling pads can be obstructive for airflow.

    From what I see your laptop is using a shared heatpipe design, as the heat from the 1070 is also getting dumped into the cpu heatsink.
    You could try and undervolt the 1070 to see if this helps to reduce throttling. @Mr. Fox has a great guide on how to do so.
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    If you asked Woodstakz politely he might do BIOS mods as well.
    Use throttlestop to disable BD PROCHOT and see if it helps!
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    Yup, this is mostly my experience as well. It's kind of sad how often I had to push to get a reply from them...

    To this day, I bought it nearly 2 years ago for my birthday, it has remained my greatest regret purchase.

    Oh well, live and learn! I wish I had bought a desktop at the time, but I didn't know if I would be moving. Unfortunate, but that's life ahha

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