Eluktronics Mech 15(GTX 1070, I7-7700HQ)

Discussion in 'Price Check Forum' started by Casowen, Dec 24, 2019.

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    So far the laptop is solid, and the cooling as good as it gets before jumping into the fattop top category. GPU and CPU scores go as high as they go in the mobile category as well for that reason, with the cpu rarely exceeding 85c before the next higher fan setting kicks in. If I set fans to maximum, it wont exceed 75c-80c, though its loud and its depends on temperature.

    The main draw back is the lack of a gsync and that its not a major brand like clevo or Msi. It doesnt mind an over clock on the gpu, but only on full load is that stable. CPU undervolts stably to -0.115 MV and wins any long idle test.

    Thing is solid, so why am I interested in selling? Well the usual jump on the next generation and resell scenario.

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