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    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I have a hp elitebook 8560w core i7 with a graphics card amd firepro M5950. I started using it with the windows 7 system that was installed there by default. with the arrival of windows 10 I upgraded my system. everything was fine when I started my video games I played them without worries apart from the fact that the machine heated enormously.after a time, the games began to crash when I launched them.It was necessary to completely extinguish the machine before the to restart. the fateful day was this famous day where I made the last wager of windows 10, after this one to finish, the machine restarted the system was launched and immediately after blue screen. an error message s' poster and the machine restart so on. i ended up with system cahnger and go back to windows 7 but the same thing catches me. I already had to try any type of driver for my grapic card and I even changed the thermal paste on the proccesseur and the graphics processor because I dressed that heating could be for something in there. today I am forced to go into error-free mode, to uninstall the graphics card before using my machine which does not serve me much without the graphics. so in resume once I install the driver of the grapic map, blue screen but when I disintalle the driver the machine works but with the basic graphical configuraton. I have tried everything already and I am desperate. I think my graphics card is dead.I would like you to confirm me. thank you in advance,,

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