Elitebook 8460P power button crapped out (and wireless question)

Discussion in 'HP' started by Dangerous_Dave, Oct 17, 2017.

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    My 8460P got put into storage for about a year, and when I came back to it, the power button was barely working any more. Takes about 30 presses to get it to do anything. IIRC it wasn't that great before though. I've dismantled the machine and the power button is soldered onto the mainboard (not a daughter board unfortunately) as shown in the picture:


    Is there any good way to revive this? Maybe some electrical contact cleaner sprayed in? I don't want to start soldering.

    Secondly, when I opened it up to look at the power button, I noticed one of the wires to the wireless LAN card was severed. So presumably it is missing that part of the aerial as it goes up into the screen assembly. There is a WWAN card and also one wire that is not in use (in a plastic sheath):


    Is it possible to use some combination of the remaining wires to get a good signal to the WLAN card?

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