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Easiest way to transfer itunes library to new laptop?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Redorblue89, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Redorblue89

    Redorblue89 Notebook Guru

    Apr 12, 2009
    Whats the easiest way to transfer my whole itunes library to my new laptop from my old desktop? I don't want to use an external hard drive as I don't have one. My itunes is about 8GB and on hand I have both CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R discs as well as a 2GB USB, oh and my iphone but I doubt that could be used.

    BTW what is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

    Thanks for any help, really appreciated!:)
  2. idq000

    idq000 Notebook Deity

    Sep 21, 2007

    The only difference is that different companies backed each standard, but they operate pretty much the same.

    1) The DVD-R (pronounced "DVD dash R") and -RW media formats are officially approved by the standards group DVD Forum. The DVD Forum was founded by Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and Time Warner, so it has tremendous industry support for its technical standards.

    2) DVD+R ("DVD plus” R) and +RW formats are not approved by the DVD Forum standards group, but are instead supported by the DVD+RW Alliance. The DVD+RW Alliance is supported by Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Dell, and JP, so it also has tremendous industry support for its technical standards. Note that Sony supports both organizations.

    The main functional differences between DVD-R and DVD+R are:
    1) the DVD recorder's built-in defects management,
    2) the way the recorders format and rewrite DVDs,
    3) the price.

    That's it. Nothing else really.
  3. whizzo

    whizzo Advocatus Diaboli

    Jan 24, 2008
    simply connect your ipod to your new computer, run iPod Rescue (http://www.brothersoft.com/ipod-rescue-software-64078.html), move the music to the folder you want it to be in, then open (or install) itunes and add that file to the library. i think you'll have to recreate your playlists etc though.
  4. KimoT

    KimoT Are we not men?

    Nov 14, 2007
    You can also put YamiPod on your iPod. The program runs from your iPod. To use it, make sure that you enable mass storage support for your iPod, and then copy the program file to the iPod in "My Computer." On the new computer, open your iPod and run YamiPod. You can then use it to copy files to another drive.
  5. dogeatdawg

    dogeatdawg Notebook Guru

    Mar 2, 2009
    If you want to keep your playlists and playcounts, first have iTunes consolidate your library on your old computer (i.e. have it put all the music files under the iTunes music folder).

    On your new computer, install iTunes. Delete/replace all of the folders on your new computer with the ones from your old computer (all of the files, the important one is the .xml file titled "iTunes Music Library").

    You can use you 2GB flashdrive to transfer everything, just keep all your music in the iTunes music folder on the new computer, because the playlists/counts depend on the location of the files. Then, after transferring all the files, open up iTunes on your new computer and all of your playcounts, ratings, and playlists should be intact.

    I think I explained that clearly, if not I'll try to clarify if you need help.
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