DX12+G-Sync+laptop screen still broken with some laptops

Discussion in 'Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)' started by DRevan, Jul 5, 2018.

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    When I have purchased my first GTX 1080 laptop with 75 hz LG screen, the Clevo P775DM2-G, I ran into a problem which is caused by G-Sync when it is used with the internal display. External display are not affected.
    All games using DX12 had the same issue.
    The issue was that when I was moving the camera around, textures in the background got a black ghosting effect on their edges+the contrast of the screen changed to a too high level. I have also noticed frame skipping.
    Later I changed the laptop to a Clevo P775DM3-G with same screen and VGA and it had the same issue.

    The issue is not related to type or brand, I have witnessed this problem with several other laptops.

    G-Sync Laptops I have seen this issue with:
    -Clevo P775DM2-G: LG Philips LGD046E + GTX 1080
    -Clevo P775DM3-G: LG Philips LGD046E + GTX 1080
    - ASUS G703VIK: AU Optronics B173HAN01.1 + GTX 1080
    - ASUS GL702VS: AU Optronics B173HAN01.1 + GTX 1070

    G-Sync Laptops where I did not see this issue:
    -MSI GT73VR: Chi Mei CMN1747 + GTX 1080
    -MSI GT75VR: Chi Mei CMN1747 + GTX 1080
    -Hp Omen 17: LG Philips LGD046E + GTX 1060
    -ASUS G752VM: LG Philips LGD046E + GTX 1060
    -ASUS GL503VS: AU Optronics B156HAN07.0 + GTX 1070
    -ASUS G703VI: AU Optronics AUO309D + GTX 1080

    As you can see it is not just an issue with specific type of screen or VGA.
    The only way to fix it were these possibilities:
    1) disable G-Sync
    2) change the API from DX12 to DX11
    3) find a driver which does not have this issue

    Option 1) is out of the question, since buying a G-Sync laptop and not using G-Sync would be just waste of money.
    Option 2) is also not a good solution since there are games where there is no DX11 option anymore, not to mention in many games DX12 feels smoother than DX11.
    Option 3) is also just a half solution. For Clevo laptops I did not find a driver which did not have this issue. However I currently have the Asus GL702VS and for this laptop I have found 1 driver which does not have this problem. It is 376.06 which was released on 2016/12/22 on the ASUS website.
    All other drivers downloaded from the NVidia or Asus website (newer or older) have this issue, the GL702VS only works properly with the very old 376.06 driver downloaded from the ASUS website.

    I have recorded the issue with the GL702VS, here is a Youtube video:

    The reason why I choose Rise of the Tomb Raider because among the games I own I found the issue to be the most annoying and most noticeable in this one, but all DX12 titles are affected.

    If you dont see the difference here are 2 screenshots, look at the difference during motion:

    First one is with ASUS 376.06 and the other one is with the latest WHQL NVidia driver.

    During motion this problem is not just annoying but may even cause nausea.

    I have contacted the seller and their reply was:
    "It is working with 376.06, so the laptop is not faulty and working properly".

    Limiting a GTX 1070 laptop to a driver released in 2016 in my opinion is not what I call working properly.

    Does anyone have any idea what is this issue and why does G-Sync not control the screen properly with other drivers?
    What is the difference between ASUS 376.06 and other drivers? What extra is there in 376.06 which can make G-Sync work properly with the built in 120 Hz panel?
    You are the local driver expert, so maybe any idea @j95 ? :)

    ps: How the hell did this not got a wide outcry? Am I the only one who noticed this issue? Or am I the only one who is not doing something right?

    ps2: It is not related to Windows 10 version, seen this issue on all Windows 10 versions since 2016.

    Any help and idea is appreciated.
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    I think nVidia is just tired of support gsync
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