Dwm.exe Error Message At Startup Everytime and Classic Shell Configure?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Drew1, May 23, 2020 at 5:34 PM.

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    Dell xps 15 9550
    i5-6300hq processor
    8gb ram
    250gb ssd
    Windows 10 Pro

    I had this laptop for many years. About a few years ago, everytime I start up my laptop, i get a message that says

    Dwm.exe Aero glass for Win 8.1+ incompatibility issue

    you should download appopiate symbo
    ls package for your os from microsft and click retry

    But also few seconds after it, i get message of

    it has the classic shell needs to configure itself for the new OS. So i always just close this message, then the aero glass thing everytime.

    Now for over 3+ years, I did nothing to this. What I did was after the 2nd message shows up, i close it and it gives you this message and then i close it. Then i close the Dwm.exe and then go and do my thing on my computer.

    A few weeks ago, while im playing online poker, multiple times my poker programs crashed and my 2 monitors basically turn off for a short bit... before turning back on and i get that dwm.exe aero glass for win 8.1+ incompatible issue.

    I also have tons of speaker studdering as well. But not only that, my cpu usage is extremely high lately.

    Now my question is... is the reason I didn't do anything with the Dwm.exe message the reason for all of this? Just googled dwm.exe and i read about is it uses a lot of cpu. The moment i open chrome... yes i have about 10 tabs plus at least saved and opened each time, cpu always spikes to 100% in the beginning. Is this normal?

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