dv7-1090 cant boot or recover

Discussion in 'HP' started by dikkiedirk, Jul 14, 2012.

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    I got a dv7-1090 from my nephew with the following problem:

    The laptop came with Windows Vista, and my nephew tried to install Windows 7 on it. Installing went pretty well, but somehow the system rebooted a little too often, probably due to some wrongly installed drivers. So he decided it was better to get rid of Windows 7 and revert back to the original Windows Vista that was originally on it. He still has a HP recovery partition on his harddisk. After pressing F11 upon restarting the laptop a BIOS message saying: F11 HP Recovery is shown at the bottom of the screen but System Recovery isn't started. This might be due to the fact that the Windows 7 install created a System Reserved partition of 100 MB. So there now are 3 partitions on the disk: System Reserved partition (with Windows 7 boot-files?), Windows 7 partition and the HP Recovery partition. Am I right on this assumption? Is there a way around this? Is it enough/possible to delete the System Reserved partition?
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