DV6-6000: Wish to upgrade my display. Can you please help me?

Discussion in 'HP' started by gdourado, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Hello, how are you?
    Recently I bough a DV6-6060ep laptop.
    The price was really good and it came with a quad core CPU 2630QM and the laptop was in great condition.
    Also, the price was a steal!
    I really like the laptop.
    I already replaced the stock hard drive with an SSD, did a clean install of windows 10 and the laptop is great!

    The only thing that let's me down a bit is the screen.
    I really wish it was 1080p.
    So I was searching the web and came across several posts about upgrading the screen.
    I already bought this:

    Waiting for it to be delivered.
    I think it is the right cable I need, but I am not sure.
    Then the other thing is what screen do I buy?
    I really wish I could get an IPS 1080p screen for the better viewing angles.
    But I don't want a super expensive screen, as the laptop was really cheap.
    I just want a 1080p screen that is compatible and that I can fit with the cable I ordered and that it works in the end.

    Can anyone please help me out?
    Thank you.
    Best regards.

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