Dual / Quad rank DDR4 vs Dual Channel DDR5

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by Tech Junky, Nov 15, 2021.

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    Fell down a bit of a rabbit hole on this one.

    I don't really get the DR/QR function other than it purges the pending "slot" while using one 68 bit channel.

    I'm rebuilding my server from the ground up on 12700K and RAM is a piece of the puzzle of course. I started looking into different options even though I have already ordered 16GB / 3600 sticks up from 2400 on the 8700K. Of course I didn't bother to double check what I ordered as I figured 3600 would be a good enough boost either way. Well I ordered DR anyway w/o even pondering or noticing it. $60 for 16GB is a decent enough deal as I did 32GB on the laptop for $90.

    So, the oddity of DDR5 is the sticks are DC with a single stick and if logic works here quad channel w/ 2 and dual/quad channel w/ 4 at a lower speed. Of course it's still overpriced / out of stock at this point unless potentially you feel like getting bent over a barrel for $400 on 32GB of it.

    So, having never noticed this DR / QR in the past I figured a post might be worthwhile with all of the options these days someone might find it useful. I'm intrigued but, not enough to go spend more $ on the RAM. If I were opting for VM's it would be more enticing for a smoother VM experience.
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    Sorry you should put the "DC" and "QC" in quotes because it seems to be only a marketing gimmick at this time. It's two channels on a single stick at half the bandwidth and looking at results, it's less than inspiring.
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