Downloading Songs/Video Youtube Downloader Program?

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Drew1, Dec 7, 2019.

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    I have a main laptop and a chromebook. Chromebook is for web browsing and sites.

    My main laptop, i use it for everything else. The thing is back then i would download songs and videos from youtube using that ytd video downloader... but last time i tried to do this... it did not work. I would save these songs and videos on my main computer and would also transfer these songs/videos to my iphone to listen using itunes.

    But for some reason, ytd doesn't seem to work when i copy link to download from youtube to it. Can someone tell me why this doesn't work? Do i need to download or upgrade it? I assume its still free to do this right as i assume most ppl who put songs on their iphone do that?

    Does anyone have a program that is malware/virus free where i could use where i download the songs and videos and can save them to my windows 10 computer and of course transfer them to my iphone?

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    I don't know if this is what you want but it works and for free you can download non-hd video or mp3's.
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    Internet Download Manager is what you need

    Summary: Simply the best Download Manager!!!!


    • Easy to use user interface, it places a download button next to any streaming video/audio you are watching so you can easily download it even giving you options to choose the quality you want to download it in if that is offered (ie. 1080P, 720p, etc)
    • Excellent download speeds
    • Ability to download videos from YouTube or 3GP Movies, etc, from any site you're viewing
    • Ability to pause/resume downloads
    • Constantly updated for compatibility with the latest versions of browsers

    • By default, it creates sub-folders in your Downloads folder. If you are like me and don't like to download diff. stuff (ie, movies, pics, software) into separate folders, it takes a good minute to delete all the folder categories from the program! I don't understand why did they include this option by default! What if I want to download all my stuff into a single folder and from there move them to the folders I want?!
    • License is valid for use on one computer only, if you try to use it on more than one computer a few times you're license key will get blacklisted, and what's worse, Internet Download Manager staff will only allow you to switch license to a different PC only once! After that, you will have to purchase a new license if you want to use it on a 3rd computer you bought for example! What if I had bought 4 diff. laptops in the past 6 months due to problems I faced with them?!?! This is a very bad way of verifying that users are using their app in a legit way and forces some to revert to cracked versions
    I tried many Free download managers but nothing comes close to Internet Download Manager in terms of speeds of downloads and in terms of the interface. "Free Download Manager" for example has a horrible interface and isn't as fast when downloading. Additionally, it is very rare that you find a download manger which has the ability to download movies from YouTube or other sites without the need to install additional software!

    Internet Download Manager

    Download free trial
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    youtube-dl, open source, very powerfull, no need to install crapware on the pc.
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    @Drew1, youtube constantly changes their scripts so what worked before will not work now so unless your updating those plugins or software it will not work.

    What software site are you using for that software? You should give this a try.....

    This is one of my favorite free downloader it's independent of the Browser. I have a aversion to those Browser download the only one I trust was another one called Youtube Downloader or something like that I don't recall the name but I think that was it.

    or Go this route

    I got this software and works for newer protections that is something they will update for if you report the issue they can update it.

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