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Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by NazmiFR, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I posted a topic about my Panasonic Toughbook laptop and this was a success as I got it working again and received quite a bit of useful information.

    Now, I need help with stylistics tablets I got from someone (working in architecture or house renting/construction if I remember right) who had not any use for them, and I want to do something useful out of them (or to sell the things I won't need for parts so that they will be useful to others).

    I'm also starting to draw and having such a device would be awesome for me (I'm a newbie in that but I tried an old graphic tablet I have (a serial one) and it was awesome, sadly I can't get it to work under linux (what a shame...).

    I have 3 complete units (one without battery(the oldest), one with a dead battery (the middle one) and the last with an awesome brand new like battery(the newest))

    + 1 broken unit that I did disassemble totally because of the motherboard being dead (+ there was no lcd in it)

    + 1 LCD with out of order digitizer (my bad with my big hot soldering iron trying to solder wires on it to connect it to my desktop) + 1 digitizer with broken LCD
    Those two I'll try to make a Wacom Cintiq like (drawing tablet) device out of them for my desktop, I have a thread on a specialized forum that I'll update once I have time to make the thing working (it's if you're interested in this kind of stuff).

    out of those 4 units:

    ST5032D: the dead one I took apart
    nothing to get out of this one, except parts maybe for reselling

    ST5020D: centrino core, DDR1 sodimm, PATA 2.5" drive, no charging connector and no battery
    a bit old I think maybe good for reselling too but I'll try to repair the broken charging connector, just for fun

    ST5112: intel core solo, DDR2 sodimm, SATA 2.5" dead battery
    (I already did scavange the working 18650 cells in the battery but I think I can reassemble it with new cells)
    The device is working but it needs a new hard drive/SSD and some DDR2 memory and also a battery, I don't think it's the most powerful/awesome one so I'll sell it or I'll repair it for my parents.

    ST6012: intel centrino 2, DDR3 sodimm, 9 cell battery, and a lot of things I would dream of using like fingerpring, smart card, IR, a camera, ... ^^

    I took a 120GB SSD out of this one and put it in another laptop, the only things missing on this one will be a new SSD and a charger (I have a Sony one that works fine (same connector, almost same voltage) but original is always better).
    I got it working a few months ago (with that SSD inside of it) but figured that there is:

    One Damn Big Annoying Problem, a board to board connector inside is damaged (the pads on the motherboard suffered too :'( ) so the USB and Audio Jacks doesn't work because of that, joined are some pics of the thing, if you have any ideas, I already tried to ask Molex for samples of this connector but they never answered, I'll retry, I have (or will have to be exact) a temperature regulated reflow station soon (homemade) so soldering a connector would be relatively easy it the pads were not damaged and that I had a new connector...

    Also, the chassis is quite a bit damaged (especially the transparent plastic plate on the LCD), do you have any hacks to make it like it was before (repair all those scratches and dents) so that I'll be able to draw without suffering of a damaged unit and will also have a tablet that I can be proud of.

    Do you have any ideas ? I'd love to be able to use such a tablet to draw (it's kind of a pocket cintiq ^^) and it's battery life (7-8 hours) is just amazing (apart from all the other features).

    The pics of the damaged componnent:
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