Do NOT buy the ACER ASPIRE V15 NITRO (VN7-592G)

Discussion in 'Acer' started by reviewer876, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Just posting this review/warning as a heads up.

    The external microphone jack doesn't work, and absolutely nothing will make it work.

    The 3D camera also takes a bunch of screwing around with to make it work; driver rollbacks, etc.

    It appeared the best laptop for my needs on the shelf, but turns out it's duct-tape-and-string garbage. Much like my Asus phone. These companies make crap.

    And if any Acer rep tries to contact me or reply to this thread, rest assured, you'll see zero co-operation from me. I wouldn't take another one of your (or Asus' for that matter) laptops if you paid me to. I've seen your forums where everyone has exactly the same problem, and your support reps just try to wear them down with lists of advice that will absolutely not work. I dare you to reply to me.

    Wish I'd just bought a friggin Dell or something, but it wasn't available. Or even bit the bullet and moved to a Mac.

    Hope this saves someone the rage and hassle I've gone through with this damn thing.


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