Do ALL MSI notebooks use Elan touchpads?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by miamicanes, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Do all of MSI's notebooks use Elan touchpads, or does it vary from model to model? I originally became aware of them after realizing that the only touchpads I could stand to use were the ones on the Averatec laptops at Circuit City and CompUSA. I set out to find out what made them different, and ultimately discovered that MSI is the actual manufacturer of Averatec's laptops and Elan (as opposed to Synaptics, Alps, and Cirque) makes their touchpads.

    Personally, though, I wish to god someone would make a Turion-based laptop with a pointer stick. It's almost like Intel bought the patents from IBM and now refuses to license them for anything but Intel laptops :(

    Of course, the IDEAL would be to have a pointer stick right below the spacebar. It's the *perfect* location for a stick, because your thumb is strong, but has a severely limited range of motion (as opposed to a hyperextended index finger, which isn't very strong and has trouble executing precision movements in that position).
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