DellFanCmd – Tool to enable manual/custom control of the laptop fans

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Aaron44126, Jan 21, 2019.

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    I guess you could have air vents cluttered with dust. If you do not want to open your machine, turn it off and put running vacuum cleaner hose on the air INTAKES. Try to slide it around intake holes, one at a time, making "o" patern. If some dust "strings" will start coming out of those holes, continue doing that until it's gone. You can help yourself with tweezers to pull them out.

    If there's no dust, you may try clean installation of Windows. If that won't help, you should repaste your laptop. Eventually call Dell Customer Service and tell them that your laptop heats so much that it shuts down itself. They should send technician to do the job for you.
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    New release of DellFanCmd: 1.0.1
    You can now set a specific fan to a specific level/speed manually using the tool.
    Other than the new commands added to handle this, there are no additional changes.

    Example use case: If I'm doing light/office work, I want to just let the fans run at 50% speed for consistency and let the CPU thermal throttle if necessary; and, if I know that I'm going to need CPU power, I will just turn EC fan control on and let the system manage it.

    Available commands:
      ec-disable              Turn EC fan control off (fan goes to manual control)
      ec-disable-nofanchg     Turn EC fan control off and don't change the fan speed
      ec-enable               Turn EC fan control on (fan goes to automatic control)
    After EC fan control is off, you may use:
      fan1-level0             Set fan 1 to level 0 (0%)
      fan1-level1             Set fan 1 to level 1 (50%)
      fan1-level2             Set fan 1 to level 2 (100%)
      fan2-level0             Set fan 2 to level 0 (0%)
      fan2-level1             Set fan 2 to level 1 (50%)
      fan2-level2             Set fan 2 to level 2 (100%)
    Append "-alt" to any command to attempt alternate fan control method.
    (Example: ec-disable-alt)
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    First of all i wanna say "TNANK YOU VERY MUCH" to Aaaron for this great app. Gotta old but mint M4700. Original EC fan control schematics is most terrible i ever seen before. Actually i was very sceptic from the very start. As I am a noob, I did not find original .SYS file to replace with if it exists, so i just put both package files in one dir. And it worked for me like a charm from Cmd prompt.

    As M4700 has only three fan power states, i decided to use app with HWINFO64. The only problem was that with autostart minimised it did not run Custom Fan window to take over control on fans. I added a string to the end of HWINFO.ini - OpenFanCtrlMin=1
    Now, once DellFanCmd is engaged, i can run HWINFO64 minimised and it works just fine.
    I set CPU fan to 0% (0-75 deg), 50% (75-92), 100% (92+). Same to GPU, but 10 degrees lower.
    10 Seconds Spindown is enough to cool CPU enough for Zero state again.

    For me, Original EC state not coming back itself neither on Log Out, Sleep, Hibernate, nor on Restart.
    Well, actually i don't care, why. I made three tasks in task scheduler:

    DellFanCmd ec-enable - (Triggers at system Startup) - Reenables original EC on early Startup.
    DellFanCmd ec-disable - (Triggers at Logon Of Any User) - Disables original EC Before Logon Screen.
    HWINFO64.exe - (Triggers at Logon Of Any User) - runs simultaneously and takes over fan control.

    Now it Works As I Always Wanted: - Smooth And Silent !


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