Dell XPS Laptop Right Clicks, Can't Click On Items

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by Drew1, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Hey all, im having a ton of issues right now with my xps 15 9550. So recently, i notice whenever i had to turn off or turn on my computer, a few times after i entered my bitlocker password etc, i notice there was a windows update which i was not aware of and it showed it right when i was either turning off or on it. Happened 2 times just earlier today and yesterday i believe. But it was real quick before it turned on or off computer. Well whenever there is windows update, i let it do its thing and then my computer is on fine without an issue.

    Right now i turned on my laptop, entered my bitlocker password, then it was downloading windows update, then i had to enter my password again but then i logged in. Then i notice... it keeps on right clicking. My mouse has no issues at all... then i tried the trackpad and i think this might be a trackpad issue? I would use my mouse and when it right clicks, i would then left click it. Then there is no right clicking for a bit.. then it starts doing it again. The issue now is after this, i can't even click on anything like the chrome tabs i have at the bottom. Its like you cant even click on it most of the time. Then i notice when i try to click on icons on my desktop or my documents, it doesn't work and when i tried to delete a document by highlighting it and press delete, it would not delete it, it would right click it sometimes. Then when i got a document deleted... i went to recycle bin but i cant even click on it. Basically i cant even click on most of the things on my desktop at all. So the only way i can restart or shutdown is click the windows logo on my keyboard... then use the left right buttons on keyboard to restart or shutdown.

    Does anyone know why im having these issues? Anyone had these same issues with their 9550 previously? I basically can't click on any program etc and do anything on it. Is this a trackpad issue? I will also say that i have a 232gb ssd and now there is around 20gb only available. Could this trigger it because i only have 20gb of space left and my storage is low? Do i need to immediately delete programs off my computer so this could solve the issue? It does show the storage as red so to speak when its below a certain storage and i believe a computer could have issues when storage is low right. Did the windows update possibly caused this? Could i system restore it to an earlier time or something like that when i didnt have these problems? I just have these programs right now when i turned on my xps 15 9550.

    Im concerned about this because my last laptop a while back was a sager laptop... it had that same issue with the mouse clicking. Eventually one day... while i was busy doing my thing and using lot of cpu and ram which i always do but my laptop had 8gb ram and a quad core processor so it handles it it suddenly turned off and when i went to repair shop, they said they can't fix it. I had to go back to the US to get a new laptop and when I did go back to the US and went to repair shop I was told the laptop can't be repaired.

    Then i got this xps 15 9550. But with my xps 15 9550 as long as i had it, over 2.5 years, i had some issues previously a while back where laptop turns on but nothing loads... but eventually the issue somehow got fixed. So basically i have had very few issues with it at all. Now... this issue concerns me because it keeps on right clicking and I can't click on anything most of the time.

    Does anyone have any tips on what i can do now? Would i have to go to repairshop for them to take a look at this? Could it be something with the touchpad as the most likely culprit? If it is the touchpad, would it be simple for a repair shop to open my laptop up and fix it very quickly? My issue here is im in another country now and they don't have parts for my xps 15 9550. Last time, i had to go back to the US to get a new laptop.

    I'm typing this from another computer at the moment that i have.

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