Dell XPS 15 9560 Palmrest - Fakes

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    So my original configuration did not have the fingerprint reader and was finding it difficult to get a refurbished Dell unit with the option. I decided to just buy the part and seen it on eBay from what appears to be a very reputable seller of lots of genuine Dell items.

    Undoing the many screws and almost readying to swap over and taking the newly ordered fingerprint palmrest out of the packaging, I noticed the underside of it being very difference to the original.
    On the original you can see the carbon fibre woven strands and on the other part it was just plain ABS plastic. Although all the other parts, such as touchpad, backlight circuit board etc matched up well to the original. This was clearly an imitation part.

    If anyone has bought a used XPS 13/15 and the palmrest wears away, you now know why.
    The original is not just a carbon fibre coating as many are lead to believe.

    Photo comparison:
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