Dell XPS 13 9350 motherboard upgrade - worth it?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Anachronis, Jun 25, 2018.


Which motherboard should I go for?

  1. i5 6200U 8GB RAM

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  2. i7 6200U 8GB RAM

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  3. i7 6500U 16GB RAM

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    Hey guys,

    Recently I bought a liquid thermal paste for my proccessor... Long story short I probably burned my motherboard for good.

    I left the laptop in repair shop, but I'm not very hopefull about it.

    My configuration is i5 6200U, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

    Since Im about to begin a journey to become a JS programmer I thought about making an upgrade to the PC since I have to buy new motherboard anyway.

    What I noticed though, is that there is no significant difference in performance between i5 6200U and i7 6500U proccessors.

    The only viable difference is the RAM - 8GB vs 16GB.

    My question is: do you think it's worth paying 400$ for a 16GB motherboard instead of sticking to the 8GB one and if I decide to stick to the 8GB one should I pay extra for the i7 or stay at my i5 6200U?

    Also, what I notcied is that for approx. 400$ I would have to pay for the i7 16GB RAM motherboard I could get AN ENTIRE NEW LAPTOP, such as Lenovo THinkPad E580 or Dell Inspiron E5570.

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