Dell Vostro 3700 GPU Driver Issue

Discussion in 'Dell' started by arcadiax, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    I created an account because after having followed DOZE's unlocked A12 BIos mode guide and flashing my bios to his, I am still stuck with this GPU issue.

    The bios flashing was a success.

    I am unsure if it is a dead GPU or I am doing something wrong.

    So essentially, running on Window's generic VGA driver works fine. It is only until the Nvidia driver is installed (I think the GT 330? Can't remember exact model), that the laptop monitor becomes all weird and rainbow like streaks appear and nothing can be seen.

    This issue has been occurring ever since I reformatted my computer and initially - while on the original A12 bios - I tried installing Win 7 x 64 ultimate edition and that went well but every time the GPU driver gets installed, the rainbow streaky issue appears.

    Now with Win 10 pro x64, I am encountering the same issue.

    I tried switching to the IGD - the integrated graphic device - hoping I can bypass the Nvidia completely in the bios but it always automatically switches back to non-hybrid. I had not touched anything in Doze's bios other than what he set up as the default.

    Could it be the Nvidia chip on the board is actually faulty and after it engages the driver, that is showing up as rainbow streaks? Is there anyway for me to bypass the Nvidia chip and just use the other GPU since this laptop has 2 GPU?

    I bought this second hand and as after fresh reformat, everything is always working - even all drivers except when it comes to GPU driver.

    Please help, I am so lost.
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    Sorry for the very late response :

    I think Nvidia GPU is dead or need a Rework : i think the latest option is the good one, because it's a common issue when you try nvidia driver and not the Windows generic one. With defective solder, the generic Windows driver works fine. :0x
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