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Discussion in 'Dell' started by whato1986, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Right, bear with me here guys, it's a bit of a complicated story (well, not really).

    Today I decided to completely disassemble my Dell Studio 1555 because I needed to clean out the fluff in my heat sink/fan assembly and also get rid of the stock nonsense on my cpu and put some tasty arctic silver on it.

    Ok then I put the whole thing back together and turned it on. It turned on but about 3 minutes into a game the whole thing shut off, then realised that I forgot to reattach the little cable on the fan to the motherboard, not clever.

    So I took the whole thing apart again, attached the cable and everything is working fine again, well almost.

    Using Real Temp 3.60 I'm getting idle temps of typically 30-42c and when I'm stressing the laptop out with the new Medal of Honor game, I'm getting load temps of 70-76c. And that's fine, it means I did a good job in taking out all the muck.

    But here's the thing that's slightly bugging me, when I turn on my 1555, during bios my fan goes to full power until I'm on my desktop, when it the begins to mellow out. And also (less suprisingly) the fans go to full power when I'm playing Medal of Honor with load temps of 70-76c. I know this last fact shouldn't be suprising, but I kind of think at these load temps the fan shouldn't be on full blast.

    Here's my questions, should my fan be behaving in this way?
    Is my fan starting to whirr at CPU temps that are lower than when the fan should normally be activated?
    Does anyone know the default temperatures at which the 1555 should make the fan start/increase in power (I believe there are approx 4 levels of power)?
    Has anyone been able to get the i8kfangui to completely work on the 1555 (I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)?
    Do you think my fan would return to acting as it used to if I do a complete factory reset?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    EDIT: Oh, forgot to add that I also put some new arctic silver on the GPU, and now during load the gpu temp spikes to the high 80s and idles around 60. I'm thinking now that maybe I did a good job applying as5 to the cpu but a bad job applying it to the gpu

    EDIT 2: ok, realised what I did, I removed the thermal pad on the GPU and replaced it with only arctic silver 5, so am now going to do the copper shim mod asap!
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