Dell Precision M6800 Nvidia Quadro M4000M GPU upgrade black screen new driver

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    Hello i need help, please.
    Hello people i have a Dell M6800 with an upgraded GPU: Nvidia Quadro M4000M.
    My system konfiguration: I have optimus disabled in the bios. Only the Nvidia GPU is aktiv.
    My system was was working properly with this configuration since driver 3xx.xx to 466.77.
    All driver after 466.77 for example 471.68, 471.96, 472.12, 496.13, coause a blck screen after driver installation.
    The system is working properly but with black screen in windows. The sxtem normal shut down and boot but after Bios screen and dell logo black screen. I can boot in recovery mode and delete the driver reinstall the driver 466.77 and all ist working.

    I have read that this prblem have some other people. One sulution is to aktivate optimus. After this the new driver form nvidia is working. But i prefer to use only the nvidia GPU without optimus.
    I have read that this problem head the 7710 users with an old GPU bios too.
    My m4000m come from an dell 7710 and the GPU bios ist from 7710 too. This was solved with an vbios and bios update for the 7710 machines.

    I think i have the same problem. I will find a working vbios. please can anybody post the vbios form dell m4000m to find a working vbios?
    My vbios is 84.04.6D.00.07 DELL from 2015-06-01.
    Thank you

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