DELL Precision 7740 Reviews Part 2

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    I'm terribly sorry. My English is not very good.

    This article will start up the DELL Precision 7740 check, data backup and preliminary rapid test, and preliminary upgrade (add memory hard disk).

    Boot check BIOS/UEFI

    Every time a new laptop reaches the author's hand, after unpacking, the author will boot it into BIOS/UEFI to check it carefully. The purpose is to confirm the hardware configuration and BIOS/UEFI Settings of the machine before entering the operating system, and record the original state of the laptop for later use. Therefore, after pressing the power button of 7740, instead of waiting for the initialization of the factory pre-installed system, press F2 to enter the BIOS/UEFI of 7740, which is why the end of serial 1 above is the picture above.


    Enter the device manager to check the hardware information as follows. I don't know why there is a ucm-ucsi ACPI device in the USB connection manager. Record this point and check it carefully after preparation:

    The results of PCMark 10 benchmark test are compared with those of Precision 7710/7720/7730 of the previous three generations and the other two comparison models as follows. It can be seen that even with a single channel of 8GB memory (the comparison models are all dual-channel 16+16=32GB memory, and they are all in the single-display mode), the 7740 has won the first place.

    The above is just my preliminary test. More in-depth and comprehensive tests (including 3DMark, VRMark and professional graphics benchmarks) will be conducted after upgrading the memory and hard disk.

    The author prepared four 16GB ddr4-3200 memory, replaced the original single ddr-2666 8GB memory, and installed three different m. 2 hard disks to enhance and check the 7740, to see how the performance will change.

    For the full article, see this link at
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