Dell Precision 5530 owner's thread

Discussion in 'Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision' started by SergioLeone, May 22, 2019.

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    Wonder why there's no topic for this model yet.

    Just received mine from my new employer. My experience with Dell's laptops was great so far, having used XPS 15 9550 for a couple of years and currently running Precision 5520 my choice for the next laptop was quite obvious.

    Was deciding between 5530 and 7530 but could not find the latter with UHD screen here, hence went with 5530 (i9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, UHD screen).

    So far did a clean install of Win10 and plan to have dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04.

    Will post some comparison pics with my current Precision 5520 if I get a change before I have to return it.

    Any one else owns this laptop here? Anything I should look at at the beginning? Clearly an undervolt is a must, maybe re-pasting as well.
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    I like mine a lot. I have an issue with the top 1/8th of the screen going to like garbled static image (have not been able to catch it in a screenshot). it seems to happen most when I am on video conference calls. usually refreshing the window or min/maxing the window will get it to go away. so i'm unsure if this is a display/dell problem or a windows problem. It's only happened maybe 3 times in 8 months and i can't recreate it myself.

    Other than that I love it. It's a outlet machine came with 8850, 1080 matte screen, 16gbx1 (i added second 16gb stick from ebay same model for cheap), 256gb nvme slow hitachi drive whihc i replaced with 970evo 1tb. It's a solid laptop and takes what i throw at it just fine with pretty epic battery life to boot. I think I made the right choice buying last fall as the 9th gen CPUs aren't really any better and basically everything else is the same.

    I use the machine mostly for coding and running lots of VMs to test situations and solutions with windows server. I can boot up 6x vms at a time with no real issue, give it 20-30 seconds and I'm ready to go.

    For my use, repasting, undervolting and the like isn't really needed. however it should be exactly like the prior dell precision/xps's in practice, the internals are very very similar. Enjoy!
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