Dell part numbers / OEM for 7530 FHD panels

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    I have just purchased a new 7530 but unfortunately the panel is a 45% gamut.

    Short of contacting Dell, I'm having a real struggle to find out who the OEM is for the 72% gamut Ultrasharp 1080 panel or even getting a Dell FRU.

    Also, is there 1080 panels outside of Dell's standard line up that I should be looking at?

    Finally and more importantly, can anybody please recommend reputable supplier in the UK / EU?

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    The two panels I've seen thus far being used in the 7530 (not sure about 7540) are the LG LP156WF6, and the AUO B156HAN06.0. Both are 1080p 60 Hz, 6-bit+FRC, 100% sRGB (i.e. 72% NTSC) panels.

    If you want a noticeable upgrade over what you currently have, you might consider a 1080p 144 Hz 8-bit panel.
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    According to this website:
    plus all the info i've gathered so far about 7530, these are the stock panels used by Dell with matching real-photos and references in this forum where available:

    391-BDRF : 15.6" FHD IPS 1920x1080 AG, Non-touch, 45% color gamut LCD
    • P/N: 4XK13------>LCD,15.6FHD,IPS,AG,EDP1.2,LGD
    • P/N: P4D7H----->Liquid Crystal Display,15.6FHD,In Plane Switching,AG,EDP1.2,Au Optronics Corp
    4XK13--->LP156WF6 (SP)(M3)


    391-BDRI : 15.6" UltraSharp FHD IPS, 1920 x1080 AG, NT, w/Prem Panel Guar 72% color gamut LCD
    • P/N: 5HFMV----->LCD,15.6FHD,AG,EDP1.3,LGD
    • P/N: JR8P3------>Liquid Crystal Display,15.6FHD,AG,EDP1.3,Au Optronics Corp
    5HFMV--->LP156WF6 (SP)(P2) (LGD0540)

    JR8P3---> B156HAN06.0 (AUO60ED)

    391-BDRG : 15.6" UltraSharp UHD IGZO, 384 0x2160 AG, w/Prem Panel Guar 100% color gamut LCD
    • P/N: 43N80------->LCD,15.6UHD,IPS,AG,EDP,SHARP
    43N80--->LQ156D1JW02 (SHP1430)

    391-BDRH : 15.6" UltraSharp FHD IPS, 1920 x1080 Touch, Cam/Mic, w/Prem Panel Guar 72% color gamut
    • P/N: HXMYH------>INFO,SWSI,LCD,15.6,TCH
    About touch panel, in this post we found out that it was a 'normal' panel (5HFMV) with a digitizer attached on it. So maybe @Div033 can confirm HXMYH if he enters his service tag number in this page:

    Unfortunately, i wasn't able to find color gamut info about:
    P/N: 10NPP------>Liquid Crystal Display, 15.6" Full HD resolution, In Plane Switching, matte, anti-glare, eDP v1.2 interface, Legend

    10NPP--->LP156WFC (SP)(R1)

    At 72% NTSC, "parts-people" suggests this other compatible one:
    • C3MWM--->LP156WF6 (SP)(B1)----->LCD,15.6FHD,IPS,EDP1.3,AG,LGD

    So if you want to be 100% sure to get a FHD 72% Ntsc edp 30pins panel certified by Dell for your 7530, check the following:

    P/N: 5HFMV------->LP156WF6 (SP)(P2) (LGD0540)
    P/N: JR8P3-------->B156HAN06.0 (AUO60ED)
    P/N: C3MWM----->LP156WF6 (SP)(B1) (LGD046F)

    For these, i think you can contact a dell sales rep via chat or phone and ask for a quote (in uk there should be this possibility).

    But keep in mind that all the above 3 panels are 6-bit, so you may experience 'bandind issues'.
    See these for further info:

    Only on 7540 Dell started to offer FHD 60hz 100% sRGB 8-bit panel !
    As far as i know, these are what Dell are currently using on 7540:
    • P/N: 1PVM5----->LGD061A
    • P/N: CT3C7----->CMN1510

    But i have no idea if they will fit inside 7530 !

    Like @Ionising_Radiation stated in his post, if you're able to find NV156FHM-N4B (BOE0726), you would get a better overall screen.

    It's FHD 144Hz 100% sRGB 8-bit panel !!

    @arcticjoe was able to do this on his 7530, check this post:
    As you can see down the page, another user tried to install the same exact panel on his 7540 but it didn't fit !
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    Thank you so much for the replies, that's excellent information.

    I'm going to go down the 8 bit panel route I think. Should look vastly superior to what I've got now ( hopefully).

    I've just came back to Windows from owning a 15" rMBP for the past 4 years so have been spoiled by a fairly decent display panel.

    Once again, thank you

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