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!!!Dell no longer providing OS disks and Resource CD's for consumer Win 7 systems!!!

Discussion in 'Dell' started by booboo12, May 2, 2010.

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  1. HI DesertNM

    HI DesertNM Notebook Deity

    Jun 20, 2007
    Are you saying they will send a clean version of windows? I know HP does not do this. They will send out their bloatware version of windows. I just bought a used Dell 630M on eBay and it came with a Clean XP PRO disc as well as a driver disc. This was a 2006 Inspiron model so that was impressive to see on a home line of computer. If they still do that then everyone should definitely fill that form out.

    What I'm thinking is that disc might contain other added applications that Dell is trying to sell you. At the price point of their Inspiron systems, I can't see how they can provide a full clean copy of windows seven. However, if you have a business line Dell, that may have a clean copy being the price point is usually much higher and businesses generally don't tolerate the bloatware.
  2. fakename

    fakename Notebook Geek

    Oct 14, 2010


    specifically this part "(whatever your system shipped with) AS WELL AS multiple discs' containing the drivers/utitilites that originally came on your system."

    This can only be done once per system service tag #. They will send a O/S Disc only of whatever was originally installed in your system, then they will send a SEPERATE disc container the drivers and other bloatware that came with it.

    I am not entirely sure if there is a time requirement or if it is just once per service tag #. I highly doubt they still would do a Win XP disc, however it is worth a try, just click on this link and give it a shot.

    Dell - Support
  3. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Overclocked | Overvolted Moderator

    Dec 18, 2008
    Don't everyone get your knickers in a twist. Sometimes you have to pay for it, and sometimes you do not. There are valid reasons an OEM may not include OS installation media with a computer. Read this: Dell Support - Request for Backup Discs

    The Latitude product line is a business-class machine. Providing a software license without installation media is a common practice on business machines, as many large companies image custom configurations for mass installation and wipe out a factory installation anyway. So, it's irrelevant in that scenario. Unauthorized redistribution of installation media and product keys is also a problem in the corporate world.

    The XPS and Alienware lines (top tier) have historically come with all the OS, driver and apps installation discs and they are packaged in very nice binders. "You get what you pay for."

    For the low-budget "value" product line, competition is based mostly on price, not advanced features and build quality. These are the "disposable" entry level machines. Clearly, not packaging an install disc and driver discs cuts down on production costs for a product line that relies strictly on volume to make a meaningful profit. "You get what you pay for" holds true here, too.

    I know of a couple of Inspiron (budget line) customers that did not receive an installation disc with their original purchase, but they received it simply by asking.

    Most recently, in cases where the OS installation discs are not provided by Dell, this is generally made clear when placing an order and customers are given the opportunity to pay a small fee to receive them. I just don't see where that is a deal-breaker.

    If receiving the Windows OS install media is the only reason some people would choose to purchase a.Dell.product versus an.hp.then that is a pretty lame reason. Granted, there is little or no difference in most of the internal components among manufacturers, (even in the case of newer Apple products,) but they typically outperform.hp.and.Acer.(their largest competitors) in customer service, technical support, and warranty fulfillment and these are far more compelling reasons upon which to make a purchasing decision than having to pay a small fee for OEM OS installation and driver discs.

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