Dell M6700 + 3d vision pro screen (upgrade problems)

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    Greetings to everyone!

    I promise a couple of glasses of beer (paypal) to the one who will help in solving my global problem.

    I have been trying for a long time to solve one very difficult problem for me.

    I still work with stereo (3d vision) for processing geodetic measurements.

    Half a year ago, I had a need for a mobile station with a stereo screen (3d vision ready and a video card of the Invidia Quadro series) - quad buffered stereo Nvidia.

    Over the past months, I have done several experiments looking for such a laptop.

    I bought a Dell Alienware m17x r3 laptop with a 3d vision screen on which I changed the video card from the gaming one to a Quadro k4000m.
    Knowing full well that the old drivers lacked support for 3d vision technology, I used the old drivers from 2013.
    As expected, after these actions, the stereo mode disappeared in the Invidia driver.
    And at startup
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ NVIDIA 3D Vision driver \ NVStWiz.exe

    I was see:
    "this screen does not support 3d vision".
    After studying this issue, I realized that dell has a white list of video cards that should work normally in 3d Vision mode.

    After long attempts to change the whitelist and attempt to update the bios of the k4000m video card, I started looking for factory versions of laptops with a 3d vision screen and a Quadro video card.

    does anyone know if it is possible to install a 3d screen on a dell precision laptop?

    I'm just desperate, and I really hope for your help!:)
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    There are currently no 0GN36T displays for sale on eBay so I suggest looking out for them.
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    I'm guessing this is the same as 3D you would find on some TV's that show 3D content.

    A screen/panel will be cheaper than another laptop. You already have the pieces to make it work it's just a matter of getting them to play well with each other. - shows the model w/ 3D support - 4K model w/ 3D - might also fit if you can get the dimensions / model info

    Comparing the 4K and your original seems to be a good physical fit though,30300

    Based on the sizing of the newer panel I was able to find some other options 1080/4K that would physically fit but, the 3D option might be trickier to figure out.

    Based on the newer panel it's a 40 pin eDP interface. Matching up the HZ with your external monitor would be ideal though they should work independently of each other and / or sync when both are in use. It seems more as though the NVIDIA software is probing the panel for the capability vs the BIOS / whitelist.

    Looking specifically for 3D panels results in a size that doesn't match or wouldn't fit properly along with a 50 pin count on the connection which would require either a different cable or adapter to convert from 40 to 50.

    N173HHF-E11 - sizing on this one matches and specifically shows 3D as a capability / however finding one for sale is a different story,12498,30300

    You definitely have a hard to find solution other than using a docking station for dual external monitors potentially. I would take the model numbers and google them for 3D support or find a list from NVIDIA of supported panels and reverse search from there. They should stand out though with 173 in the model number in the support list.

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