Dell M4800 freezes after a few seconds, closing/opening lid becomes useable for a few seconds

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    Hello all,

    I have a Dell M4800 with Radeon R9 M200x GPU.
    I mainly use the laptop closed on the docking station on mains power, attached are 2 Monitors, all works well.

    Today I wanted to use the laptop mobile.
    I noticed the screen froze, after a few seconds. After some reboot and playing around I found out:

    The screen freezes after a few seconds, closing the lid and opening it the laptop becomes useable for a few seconds only to freeze again. The same after reboot or restart.
    The screen freezes on Mains power and battery, when the laptop is not in docking station.
    On Dock the laptop does not freeze.

    Link power management is disabled, so is the switchable GPU.

    How can I use this laptop mobile?

    Windows 8.1, 32 GB RAM, 1SSD 1 HDD, ATI R9 M200 GPU

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