Dell Latitude 7380 Review

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    The Dell Latitude 7380 is an enterprise laptop first, but it has a well-rounded feel. The 13.3-inch laptop features a fantastic build design, with impressive security features, and MIL-STD durability, but it also houses a gorgeous display with razor-thin bezels. Armed with an Intel Core i7 and a responsive 256GB PCIe SSD the Dell Latitude also has some serious horsepower to back up those good looks. Of course, this complete pack is going to cost you though, with the top of the line builds coming in at over $2,000.

    Is the Dell Latitude 7380 worth the steep asking price? Read the full review to find out.

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    Commenting on the main article doesn'ts eem to work so I'll post here:

    Throughout the article there's incorrect references to the laptop as a 3780 rather than a 7380. Also some of the photos are very soft making it difficult to make out any detail, particularly the side on shots.

    Where does this laptop fit into the Dell range, the model number suggests it's a replacement for the 7370 but it seems more like a 13in version of the 12/14in laptops particularly as it uses a ULV processor rather than a Core-m. I see there's a 7389 2 in 1 but it's also a ULV processor.

    I'm wondering if the 7370 is being retired and therefore should grab one now, I've had the ULV powered Latitude 12 7240 and an XPS 13 but found the heat and fan noise irritating. I've got a few Core-m powered tablets and find performance fine plus I like they run fanless and don't run that hot.
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    @John Ratsey might be able to help you with the Latitude 7370 questions.

    The 7380 slots in between the 7280 and the 7480, it's just another model in their lineup. Dell hasn't updated the 7370 so it may be the replacement for that machine.

    I've had hands-on with the 7380 and found it to be an excellent machine ...great keyboard/screen/touchpad and battery life. I've been checking the Dell Outlet, but so far there has been no stock. It's too new, and without going refurb, it's too pricey for me.

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