Dell Latitude 3340/50 screen replacement

Discussion in 'Dell' started by qajteq, Sep 14, 2019.

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    Hello Friends,
    I'm looking to buy an old Dell 13,3 inch education series - the Dell 3340 or 3350.
    The problem is in their screens... They both comes with junky 1368x768 TN panel that's far from today standards. Unfortunately Dell didn't shipped them with better panels so here we are - digging through websites searching for screens. At first I thought it's not going to be hard, the 13,3 inch size is fairly common to see... Until I've checked the teardown process.

    It seems that screen panel is mounted via screws on it's sides, instead of regular top/bottom mountings.
    I did my searches and was literally stumbled how hard is to get a slim, side mounting panels, not to mention my requirements - decent looking, IPS only...

    Is there a web page where I could search for panels like this? Is it possible to modify that metal bracket on which panel is built on? I was thinking of buying regular high quality 13,3 screen, disassemble it and mount upon one that is included Dell which uses side mounting holes - is it double or not?

    Are there any options left? Is there any similar Dell lineup/model that could fit into my point of interest?

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.


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