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Dell Inspiron e1505 Review (pics, specs) Discussion

Discussion in 'Notebook News and Reviews' started by fsacj, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. fsacj

    fsacj Notebook Consultant NBR Reviewer

    Feb 22, 2005
    If the memory dump happens again, you might worry and chat with dell. Those should be uncommon on new computers. It's never happened for me. There could be something wrong.

    A 60 GB hard drive actually has about 55GB of space, because of the difference of counting on a scale of 1024 vs 1000. The other missing 6 gigs is probably a recovery partition. This is very common with many brands, unfortunately (depending on how you look at it.)
  2. Projekt

    Projekt Notebook Enthusiast

    Mar 21, 2006

    Why is everyone so eager to upgrade to Vista? Every program that comes out for atleast 2 years (likely more) after vista comes out will still run on XP. I find that sticking with the older OS's actually keeps you safer (at least IMO, most spyware and stuff like that is targeted to XP.).

    Hell, I still run Windows 98se!
  3. Leykis1o1

    Leykis1o1 Notebook Enthusiast

    Mar 25, 2006
    ok ive played with this for 2 weeks..actually cancelling my order with dell 2 times well actually 3..im sure they love that..anyways

    the best deal on the E1505 is the Ram..dont uprade the ram when you order it as of 3/25/06 if you order your e1505 with the standard 512 ram..then go and order 2 sticks on 1GB 667Mhz ram from the dell parts area under E1505 ram section..the ram is actually cheaper and faster than there 533mhz ram for a fraction of the cost that they offer when your place the laptop order..i got 667mhx 2gb ram for a extra $260 after a $35 rebate, and $20 off stackable coupons...also the E1505 has a optional Graphics card now heres my system i thought i got a good deal

    dell this time does not even offer 7200 rpm hard drives for the e1505 this week..that makes me wonder why?? are they having problems with the 7200??!!? i placed my order before they discontinued that on 3/21/06 same day they offered the Ati graphics card upgrade

    heres my order


    E1505 Dual Core
    Intel(r) CoreTM Duo processor T2500 (2MB Cache/2GHz/667MHz FSB), Genuine Windows(r) XP Media Center Edition 2005
    Qty: 1
    Unit Price: $2,371.00 before coupons and stuff
    Inspiron E1505
    Intel(r) CoreTM Duo processor T2500 (2MB Cache/2GHz/667MHz FSB)

    LCD Panel
    15.4 inch UltraSharpTM Wide Screen SXGA+ Display with TrueLifeTM

    512MB Shared Single Channel DDR2 SDRAM 533MHZ, 1 DIMM
    512M1D (ill be discarding this!!)

    Video Card
    256MB ATI MOBILITYTM RADEON(r) X1400 HyperMemoryTM

    Hard Drive
    80GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive

    Operating System (Office software not included)
    Genuine Windows(r) XP Media Center Edition 2005

    Network Card and Modem
    Integrated 10/100 Network Card and Modem

    Adobe Software
    Adobe(r) Acrobat(r) Reader 6.0

    Combo/DVD+RW Drives
    FREE 8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer DVD+R write capability

    Wireless Networking Cards
    Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Mini Card (54Mbps)

    Office Productivity Software (Pre-Installed)
    Microsoft Office Basic - Includes Word, Excel, and Outlook email

    Anti-Virus/Security Suite (Pre-installed)
    No Security Subscription

    Primary Battery
    53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

    Hardware Warranty
    2Yr Ltd Warranty, 2Yr At-Home Service, and 2Yr HW Warranty Support

    Dial-Up Internet Access
    6 Months America Online Internet Access Included
    AOLDHS] (does anyone know if i can transfer this subscription to my current?)

    Port Replicator
    Notebook Expansion Dock

    Award Winning Service, Support
    E1505S2 (2 years support included)

    Mobile Broadband
    No Broadband Expresscard technology is available in the market now
    NOBB (does anyone know if i can add one in the future?)

    Operating System Re-Installation CD
    Genuine Windows(r) XP Media Center 2005 Edition re-installation CD

    Media Center Enhancements
    TV Tuner w/ Remote Control

    Dell Digital Entertainment
    Starter Entertainment Pack - Basic digital Music, Photo and Game experience

    Dell Home Customers: Select Inspiron affiliate offer save $750 off $1999 or more (before tax and shipping)! (affiliate only online offer)
    Expires on 2006-03-23 11:59:00
    - $750.00

    Dell Home Customers: Free Ground Shipping on Dell Inspiron System orders !
    Expires on 2006-03-23 12:59:59
    - $49.00

    Get free ground (3-5 day) shipping on peripheral items over $49!
    Expires on 2006-03-23 11:59:59
    - $8.00

    all for $1700 bucks
    plus $260 for ther 667mhz 2Gb DDRam
  4. Kilrathi

    Kilrathi Newbie

    Mar 29, 2006
    Just got my E1505 today and so far so good... I took advantage of the $750 off coupon last week, so I got a gig of memory, 100 gb hard drive and a bunch of other extras for $1300. I suppose I could have waited for the price to drop but I'm traveling a lot in the next few months and it'll be nice to have a computer of my own to use...

    A couple questions:
    - are everyone else's touchpad buttons soft/mushy? I'm used to other laptops with a much crisper feel to the buttons (less give, so you don't have to push them as far, and it feels like they snap back quicker). It's sort of a minor detail, and I like the feel of the keyboard, but it's a bit annoying. Is that just how Dell does it, or is it my machine in particular? My thumb hurts from pushing these buttons!

    - There's no way to use the laptop with a non-USB keyboard/mouse is there? I can't figure out how, so I'm assuming that the world has moved on and left my old style mouse/keyboard behind. I'd like to hook up a mouse/keyboard to the E1505, so it looks like it may be time to spring for a new keyboard...

    - Does anyone have a list of all the junk they've put on the preinstalled software list? I've cleared off the obvious stuff (took forever to clean it off, update everything else, etc.) but there's still a lot of stuff I'm wondering about (from Dell Quickset, which looks like it might be useful, to a bunch of other processes that show up in the task manager... why is it showing 512mb already being used?). Anything that I might have missed that I can uninstall?

  5. joey6358

    joey6358 Newbie

    Mar 29, 2006
    I recieved mine last week. I am shipping it back for a replacement after several things happened -- these still happen even when I use the restore partition to 'out of the box' configurations:

    1. Closing and opening the lid of the laptop will cause the system to totally freeze. Sometimes the monitor will be on, sometimes off; but if you open and close the lib several times, 1 out of 10 times the computer will lock-up.

    2. The Dell Wireless Configuration Panel (That overrides the windows wireless config), will sometimes yield the following error after opening and closing the lid: "Internal configuration is incosistant. Please restart to resolve this problem". Wireless still works, but you cannot change any settings (say more to another wireless network) without restarting.

    3. When the system does not lock-up from opening the lid, the screen will flash (sometimes 4-5 times), before the display turns back on.

    I am hoping that I just have a lemon. Amazingly, I had a fairly good experience with Dell (probably because I have had the system for less than 21 days). They are shipping me another system and are paying the return shipping for my old one.

    Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Talking with Tech support was not helpful at all -- they had me run diagnostics, restore my harddrive, and said "Well, you can get a refund, or we can send you a new one". Since I like the system otherwise(any any other Duo system would run me several $100 more), I took the replacement.

    fsacj -- does anything remotely happen like what I described above occur with yours when you close and open the lib several times?
  6. kamerek

    kamerek Notebook Guru

    Jan 15, 2006
    hi !

    Has anybody compared the Dell's 15,4 WSXGA+ Truelife with the Fujitsu -siemens amilo A/ M WXGA CrystalView ????
    Please do not compare resolution, but viewing angles , contrast ratio and brightness.
    I have heard that FS's have great lcd even with wxga resolution
    see specs: (note pc)

    The above mentioned LCD issues with Dell makes my choice harder, as I was going to buy 1505, but LCD quality is important for me
  7. thalos

    thalos Newbie

    Apr 4, 2006
    Just got my e1505 in the mail today. Was testing what joey was mentioning... but mine seems to be behaving quite nicely when i flop the screen about, and only going into hibernation as i'm guessing was intended. I wouldnt worry about the screen, if that is your concern, as its not really noticable unless you're even aware of what you're trying to see, and its nicer than one of my older desktop LCDs. I figured I'd give the thing a little run as far as benchmarking is concerned... since mine came came equipped with the X1400... (kudos to dell for getting it to me two weeks ahead of schedule). I'll try and post those in a bit.
  8. kamerek

    kamerek Notebook Guru

    Jan 15, 2006
    Hmm, but what about watching movies - is this annoying when looking from the angle?

    And another thing - there is Expresscard instead of PCMCIA, nad soundcard integrated is only ac'97 - so there is no way to plug in SB audigy 2 zs notebook (pcmcia) :(
  9. TakMusashi

    TakMusashi Newbie

    Apr 6, 2006
    I just got my E1505 with the upgraded LCD screen. The 15.4 inch UltraSharpTM Wide Screen SXGA+ Display with TrueLifeTM.

    I must say that there is a noticeable texture on the screen. It appears that there are diagonal lines going from the upper left toward the lower right of the screen. I called Dell this morning and a replacement is on the way, but from what it sounds like, this may be "normal". Also, in the lower right and lower left corners of the screen there are noticeable dark spots. If anyone thinks they may even be slightly bothered by either of these two things I would be weary of this screen.

    EDIT: Joey6358, I can't get my E1505 to crash/lock up by opening and closing it. I tried about 8-10 times keeping it closed for various lengths of time in attempts to reproduce the issue.
  10. Rellik

    Rellik Notebook Consultant

    Feb 5, 2006
    My screen has the same exact texture and dark spots you're describing -

    Honestly doesn't really bother me. Great screen, otherwise :)

    By the way, what procedure did you follow to get Dell to try sending a replacement? My E1505 is making a high-pitched "chirpy" sound all the time, and I don't know if that's standard, so I might try the same approach as you to Dell support :p
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