Dell Inspiron 7567 - won't charge battery

Discussion in 'Dell' started by imrazor, Nov 27, 2019.

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    My Inspiron 7567 has been exhibiting a problem for a while now. I have a couple of different Dell AC adapters, a 130w that the laptop came with and an old 240w that shipped with a Dell Precision. The laptop will not 'recognize' either of them, and as a consequence refuses to charge the battery.

    I've been doing some research on Dell power supplies and came to find out that most of them have an identification chip on board. When connected to a Dell laptop they handshake, and the adapter tells the laptop how much power it can supply. Based on this number, the laptop knows whether it should run at full tilt, or throttle, and whether or not to charge the battery. It seems my Inspiron has lost the ability to communicate with *any* adapter and now simply refuses to charge the battery.

    To test this I plugged my 130w adapter into an old Latitude E6430, and the old laptop had no problem recognizing the power supply or charging off of it.

    Do I have any options here, or is my laptop now a desktop?
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