Dell Inspiron 14 7447 doesn't shut down

Discussion in 'Dell' started by djdelarosa25, Apr 6, 2018.

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    I think this has been quite a well-known issue here already, as it seems to affect laptops from other manufacturers as well. Basically, my laptop doesn't shut down completely. After shutting down the normal way via Windows, most of the time, I would notice that the fans would still be running and would continually exhaust heat from the processor, which seems to be under load, all until the battery dies. The temporary fix would be told down the power button for a few seconds until the fans turn off, but that isn't the way this thing was originally meant to work.

    The most common solution for many other users was to downgrade the Intel Management Engine Interface driver to version 9. Doing that did not remedy my issue. I also tried downgrading my Intel Chipset drivers, also going as far as to downgrade my BIOS two versions only to be disappointed with the results.

    As of now, I'm flashing back the latest BIOS as it fixes the Spectre vulnerability, but it seems like I'm out of options. This problem didn't exist in the first year that I owned the laptop. It just popped out of nowhere and is incredibly infuriating.

    Please, to anyone who may know of possible solutions, I need help. Thank you in advance.

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