Dell G3 in house! What do you need to know?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by B0B, May 18, 2018.

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    Dell G3's are definitely a great bang for buck this year, I've had mine for almost 4 months now and I'm very happy with it.

    Somehow I feel the one I ordered from Dell directly is better built than the one I purchased for my nephew from retail (Microsoft Store).

    Also the G3's support CNVi Wi-Fi cards, the newer form factors seem to be better on battery and CPU cycles, I highly recommend an Intel 9560 over the 9260 for the G3's.

    I wanted to get the Intel 9560 for my new Inspiron 7580 but it does not support CNVi cards despite the fact the Inspiron 7580 was released after the G3.
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    My G3 unfortunately developed a panel defect (the LG panel) and I had to return it at the Microsoft Store. Since it was still under the return period they just did a straight swap. This new machine I have now has a BOE NV15N42 panel (which also shows up as BOE07B0, something which Google cannot find anything about). This panel seems to be the same one used in Latitude 5580/90 laptops (and some others). I'm not a panel expert so I can't really say whether it's 'better' or not, although it does seem to be brighter. Probably not an improvement per se so I may wind up replacing it myself further down the line.

    Was a shame to have to get the whole machine replaced because the temps were great with undervolting - this new device remains to be seen. I still need to test.

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