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    This is the Dell forum information booth, with links to important threads found in this forum related to Dell laptops:

    The most important threads :
    Grainy Screen Info and Guide
    Having screen problems with your M1530? Please go to this thread and read it carefully. If you still have questions, do not create a new thread but post here.

    The official POST ABOUT YOUR NEW DELL NOTEBOOK thread.
    Post the specifications and your opinion on your new DELL laptop here.

    Poll: Dell Satisfaction Poll
    Vote about how well you are satisfied with your DELL laptop.

    Current Dell Inspiron Coupon Codes.
    A constantly updated for the current DELL Inspiron Coupon codes - note they are only usable for the USA residents, for more info visit the DELL Coupons section.

    Format Windows XP on DELL laptops guide.
    An extensive guide compiled by Amber.

    Format & Reinstall of XP Questions.
    Post your questions about format and re-installation of Windows XP and the above thread here.

    Dell Inspiron 1705 / 1505 Windows Vista Clean Install - Step by Step
    A guide for clean installation of Window Vista on E1505/E1705 notebook.

    Drivers, user manual, and applications for XPS 1530
    Thread of links to these various items for the popular new Dell XPS 1530. List put together by sinstoic.

    Pics of all the inspiron colors! (black, brown, blue, green, yellow, white, red, pink!)
    A thread containing pictures of the different lid colors of the newer Inspiron laptops. Useful for those who are doubtful about which color to choose.

    Announcements :

    Official: Dell will replace parts for free or refund repair costs for "vertical line problem" present on some Dell models.
    Thanks to Lemur for posting this info.

    Please, do not ask about taking advantage of student deals and other EPP deals. If you do not have legitimate access to these deals via your employer or your school, threads will be closed/deleted and infractions handed out for multiple offenses. Please read the forum rules, as those rules specifically say no talking about illegal behavior (and this certainly is). Please be aware the Dell representatives do regularly read these forums, so if you could not bring your question to them you should not be asking about it here.

    Video guides :
    Video Guides - Upgrading your Hard Disk and RAM
    Two useful video guides by forum member ifti, which can come in handy for many people.

    Dell XPS <noparse>M1730</noparse> Video Guides.....
    Another set of useful video guides by forum member ifti, check later for more updates.

    Guides :

    HOW TO: Install RAM on your DELL notebook
    A guide on how to install memory sticks in your DELL laptops compiled by Sirius_GTO.

    Dell Vista Laptop Reformat and Bloatware Removal Guide A guide on how to reformat your Dell Vista based laptop and get any bloatware off that Dell has installed.
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