Dell 7472 turning Off Without Battery While Gaming

Discussion in 'Dell' started by JacobOrl, May 29, 2020.

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    I've got a second hand/used Inspiron 7472 i7 8550U + MX150 4GB. I've noticed that the battery is a bit swollen and decided to use the laptop without the battery and just on the 65W power brick. But when I start a game, the game freezes and the computer shuts itself down. I've checked the UEFI power log and it lists 'Over Current Protection', which i think is something that shoud not happen because on maximum power my laptop should consume at maximum 50W. The Dell UEFI says my AC Brick (LA65NS2-01 19.5v x 3.34A) is not a Dell original one but by looking at it it does not look a fake one. If the power brick is the issue, I am thinking about getting a new one, and maybe a more powerful one from another model that is compatible with my laptop.

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