Dell 11-3168 I&O board

Discussion in 'Dell' started by DRFP, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Dell 11-3168 Intel N3710 2.56GHz Quad-Core,4 GB RAM, Sandisk plus 240gb SSD, Intel HD Graphics 405, touch screen (1366 x 768)

    Love this little guy until it fell 8 inches on floor with logitec mouse dongle attached to USB 3 port, did not see damage but the 2 USB 3 ports stopped working as did touch screen. Wow. The problem was the I&O board the ports and touch screen plug into its really fragile. Bought a new board on ebay for 6 bucks replaced it and now it works again. Touch screen ports and sound. Bought a second for insurance since it has happened to others.

    If you have a similar problem you may want to try this cheap repair.
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    HMMMM I may pick up a couple for mine too! Too funny, we both have the same two computers. the 11 is my wife's. ha ha. I don't want to mess with it. But I am putting a 1tb SSHD in hers after Christmas. She loves the little computer, great for her craft room. I am now getting her room all set up for her, including the 24" IPS display I had on my desk before I got my touch screen. When dell puts the touchscreen on sale again, I am getting two more. One for my Wife, one for my Son. He can then hook up his acer S3 to it and create videos and animations using the touch screen.

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