Customized Dell i7559 (120hz screen, 500gb ssd, 16gb ram, i7)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by IMI4tth3w, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Greetings everyone!

    Just thought i'd come here and share some details on my somewhat customized dell laptop. I've had it for a bit now but just recently did what i would consider a really decent upgrade by swapping the monitor out for a 120Hz model. So lets get into the details..

    The laptop was originally purchased for $875 in March of 2016 with the following specs:
    - Intel i7 6700hq CPU
    - Nvidia gtx 960m GPU
    - 8gb ram (single stick/channel)
    - 1TB HDD
    - 1920x1080 60Hz IPS screen

    At the same time i ordered the laptop, i also ordered the following:
    - 500gb m.2 SSD (Samsung 850 evo) ($155)
    - 8gb ram additional for 16gb total ($32)

    This brings the total to $1062. Dell doesn't even offer 500gb ssd options for their laptop but a similarly equipped laptop would probably be close to $1300 directly from dell. nice.

    Here comes the fun part. Found a video on youtube talking about upgrading the screen in these laptops to something that looks nicer and has a bit better response time, but still 60Hz.
    I posted a comment asking about if there were any higher refresh rate low input lag options and the original video creator gave me this part number: B156HTN05.2

    This B156HTN05.2 screen is a 1920x1080 30pin eDP 120Hz TN 15.6" panel that is a direct swap. Now if you don't play any first person shooters or fast paced games, this isn't the monitor for you. But I was able to tell a HUGE difference in game play and it is absolute fantastic.

    Now this monitor does have a few draw backs being the following:
    - Lost control of screen brightness. It is always on max brightness. (possibly the biggest drawback)
    - Colors and viewing angles are not quite as good as the IPS screen, but I have a colormeter to calibrate the colors i haven't done yet.

    I've messaged the original video creator about any possible fixes for the brightness control, but if anyone here has any suggestions as well, i would greatly appreciate that.

    Thats all i have for now. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi, glad my video helped you out.

    At the moment for all laptops I've seen the brightness control issue is not resolved. This could be fixed in the future with an nvidia driver update, but for now were all waiting. Glad you like the screen!
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    Do you guys know if it would work with my clevo N150RF. Also have you found a way for changing the brightness?

    Thanks in advance.

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