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Discussion in 'Price Check Forum' started by DARCODER, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Hello i have a custom p377sma Prema with personalized picture custom Bios asked:
    i7 4900qm qs
    16gb Gskill ddr3l 2133mhz
    msata 256 or 512 gb or ssd 500gb
    PSU 330w
    custom p375sma barebone: p377sma didnt have the music light effect and lighted pad.
    custom stickers back lcd cover with red metalized paint job and gold brushed arround display with grip paint. if you dont want this paint job, i can buy both original for 50$
    custom hole downside laptop for a 12v or 5v fan add-on or nothing...

    GPU: 1070n with custom heatsink ( this gpu is SLI model ) i can dremel on the barebone if u ready to put another one )
    ====>if u want the laptop with the 1070n, only the 120hz 1080p display is working. HDMI is still working, i guess the dp too but didn't test it, never in fact..

    If you have your own gpu like 780m, 880m 980m, i can replace also a 2k 120hz or 4k 60hz display (AUO ) custom. So i can sell it without gpu.

    Display: depends on price add:
    -base 1080p 120hz ( 1 death pixel )
    -AUO: 2160p 60hz or 1440p 120hz. Custom cable included.
    (the 4k screen has 2 pixels bugging on black color, hard to notice if u dont look after it, and little ghost effect noticeable on grey color but disappear after a 3mn music youtube clip. so its not a constant one.
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