[CPU + GPU Temperatures + Benchmarks] - XPS 15 [9560] Kaby Lake

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  1. Cacho

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    @Philaphlous I was just looking at your flickr album (thanks for documenting all that) and was curious what your final configuration you settled on for all the thermal padding. Do you still have thermal pads on top of the head sink pipes above the CPU and GPU as seen in this photo?: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30149337@N04/32283599404/in/album-72157680615207736/

    Also, I noticed you taped some of the air gaps over the fans, did you just use electrical tape for that or is there a special brand/material that should be used?

    I just repasted my 9560 with Grizzly Kyronaut and did the same configuration as you have above the heat sink of small cutout 3x stacked pads over the the mosfets, but just those 4 areas padded, nothing else. It's been a huge improvement for me so far, also using ThrottleStop with -120mV undervolt on CPU, CPU Cache, IntelGPU. I'm not reaching the benchmarks that many others have posted, I get 2787 in Heaven for example, you had over 3000, so I'm looking at copying the extra pads you added as well as that tape.
  2. Jff007

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    I do the tape too. Use something thermally rated above 100C just to be safe. Regular electrical tape would be around 60 C if I'm remembering correctly.

    Also, make sure to do in a way so no exposed sticky side exists where the gaps are

    EDIT so I don't double post.

    @iunlock and @custom90gt and anyone else who's attempted iunlock's mod:

    How well does it hold up overtime with lots of traveling? I commute a lot, sometimes by train, sometimes by plane. Because of how much my XPS is in motion and packed into/out of bags, I'm wondering how secure the aluminum heatsinks are when used with the adhesive they come with or with thermal tape.
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  3. Splitframe

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    I use Silverbead thermal glue which seems to be the same stuff that I often see in PSU.
    It stays a tad soft, similar to silicone, but is really really strong. I use it with 8x12x3 mm heat sinks and
    a much simpler version of the "air redirect over VRM" mod. I look that I can post some pictures later.
    My 9550 is also traveling a lot and I have no fear that the thermal glue will fail.

    edit: My VRM do hit 90°C at CPU+GPU at 100% though, but I am perfectly fine with that as
    it was hitting 105°C and thermal throttle before.

    edit2: Sadly I am unable to find a fitting screwdriver, so here are some older pictures.
    The heatsinks are different, but the rest is the exact same.
    They were a little too tall so I replaced them.

    edit3: I just remembered that I lifted the right (in the picture) Fan with another strip of
    one of those thermal pads so that more air goes above the fins and to the VRM.

    edit4: I personally would never trust thermal tape. My sample size is small, I only tried two
    different products, but they are really flimsy and don't hold very good for small heatsinks.
    Even though I properly cleaned with alcohol.

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  4. lkyaugustine

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    I have a Dell Precision 5510, similar to XPS 15 9550, except for the CPU and GPU configuration, but iunlock's method works really well.

    Personally, I had been using iunlock's method for a few months and travelling is not a big problem. The heat sinks won't fall off as the adhesives that are really strong.

    I got my heatsinks from here: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1515
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