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Discussion in 'Alienware Desktops' started by stevotrueblue, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Had my Alienware M15x for about 7/8 years now and although it still works a treat for old games and playing media etc, it has pretty much (with the exception of Footie Manager) had its day as far as new games go.
    We also need a good family pc anyway that will be future proof for a good while. As I have enjoyed my Alienware laptop so much and had next to no problems with it for so long it seemed the natural choice.

    The spec I was considering is

    Intel Core i-7 8700 (6 core/12 thread, 12mb cache, up to 4.6ghz)
    Nvidia GTX1070 Ti with 8GB GDDR5
    16GB DDR4 RAM
    256GB SSD (BOOT) + 2TB HD

    It comes in around £1689, but with me having got the laptop from them before I pushed for a loyalty discount on top and they offered if for around 1500.

    Got a few questions tho. Is it worth spending the extra on the 1070ti as opposed to the standard 1070? Would even the 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5 play all games out now on high spec? Would dropping down to that and upgrading later on be worth considering or would I just end up regretting it?

    Will the 256GB ssd Boot drive be adequate for putting the operating system on? There is also an option for a 128GB ssd with 2 TB HD,,, would that be able to do the job as well? A friend advised getting a boot drive so as all my games on the other HD would boot up a lot quicker.

    Also in the chassis options it comes as standard with 460W EPA Air Cooled but for £40 more you can have 460W liquid cooled. Is it worth spending the little extra to get liquid cooled? And also if I went with liquid cooled, does that involve any kind of maintenance every so often? Never had a liquid cooled system before so apologies if its a real noob question, but just curious if by going down that road,, will I incur further costs later on etc if i have to replace the liquid or water or whatever it uses lol.

    Thanks for any advise guys,,, have always found this forum particularly helpful. Also be nice to hear from other Aurora users on just what you guys think of it

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    this place is dead, try the Alien Community or Arena to have a close encounter with your peers. Get the liquid + 850watt power supply

    Standard cooling = noise > Aurora R7 CPU fan extremely noisy

    Search Aurora Noise

    Read their forum threads for user experience / complaints / ask for tips

    If you don't buy an Intel K processor like 8700k now, your motherboard probably won't get the VRM heatsink; since the case can not accept a motherboard swap later (the rear IO plate is stamped into the case) & so you'll want to drop in 8700k later as final upgrade path, one user reported that the VRM heatsink may be sold inside the cooling kit, details like that can be asked on other forum since I don't own Aurora R5-R7
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