Connecting a 4 channels LVDS LCD (without EDID) to a 3 channels motherboard source

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    Hey guys!
    I started a video project of upgrading a laptop screen which include heavy modding. Though I stumble on issues for connecting the LVDS interfaces :

    My plan is to fit a 20" 1600x1200 4:3 LCD (LM201U05-SLA1) from a Dell Ultrasharp monitor (2007fPB) inside my 17" 1600x900 Asus (N71JQ) laptop (LP173WD1). From the datasheet I found the 17" was what I was expecting : 3 LVDS channel + 3.3V power + EDID + backlight power.

    For the 20" it's troublesome :
    • First it's a 4 channel LVDS : Can I just leave the 4th channel floating or grounded and only connect the 3 other channels?
    • Also the 20" does not have EDID storing LCD timing/resolution settings. I am unsure how to proceed. I was considering keeping the 17" controller board with only the wires for the EDID (while the other LVDS wires would go to the 20" controller board), and overwrite the EDID set to the new LCD timing controls. Though the issue is that I have not clue how to write the EDID (both how to flash it and how to write it's code).
    Anyone one with some clues is most welcome !

    (My desktop currently :)[​IMG]
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