Connect a 2K monitor to an external laptop video card

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    I have an MSI GE70 0ND 216RU laptop. It has a powerful graphics card, but an old HDMI port. Because of this, I cannot connect a 2K (2560x1440) monitor with a frequency of at least 60Hz - there is not enough port bandwidth. It turns out either 30Hz. Or the resolution is 2048x1152. I am attaching screenshots.

    I bought a docking station:

    I connected a video card to it:
    geforce gt 630

    The video card has the same HDMI port that is not suitable for 2K. And a suitable DVI.

    My home FullHD monitor Viewsonic VP2468 from this video card and docking station works fine over HDMI. I can't check on DVI, because the monitor doesn't have DVI.

    I came to the store and tried to connect the station with a video card to the 2K monitor Iiyama ProLite B2791QSU-B1.

    HDMI is the same as when trying to connect directly to a laptop. From this I understood that the monitor is working. I tried on DVI. A 2K monitor appeared in the display settings (I have Windows 10), the resolution can be selected 2K (not 2048x1152). But the monitor has a black screen. We tried to press the buttons on the monitor with the seller - switched HDMI-DVI, - it did not help.

    1. Why does it get a black screen? What can you try to make the picture appear? I do not have another video card, I am ready to come back to the store and try to do something to check.

    2. Is there a problem with the DVI port? If I buy a graphics card with a suitable HDMI port, can I connect a 2K monitor with at least 60Hz? Or not HDMI, but with some other modern port?

    Thank you for your attention and thanks in advance for your answers.


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