Config for 42mpx photo(Lightroom and Photoshop) and 4k Video (Premiere)

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by gannjunior, May 16, 2018.

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    Hi guys,
    I don't know if the Clevo is the best choice for me but I found the shop that seems very very nice and it is in Europe (I come from Italy).

    What I'm looking for is a config that is be able to manage my Sony A7r mark3 files raw (42mpx) through Lightroom and photoshop and furthermore sometimes edit of 4k video (through Premiere).

    I'm seeing Skenker and XMG in the in many configurations and variations.

    They are famous to propose 6 cores desktop cpu (like 8700) in the notebook chassis. I've seen in this DTR variant they give also the choice of "delidded" CPU that I think should be the best choice to minimize the temperature under load and to be sure to keep for a long time the "higher" possible frequency.
    My doubt is to choose them or if it's better to wait for the last mobile i9 with the 6 cores...

    Another point to focus my choice should be the weight. The "optimal" should be to rest within the 3kg. I gave a look to many variations proposed in the mysn site but at the end I arrive to the DTR variant as the "best". I can give up to the monitor (15.6 instead of 17) but I would like to keep: 4 x16gb ram slot (I already own 4 x 16 of g.skill 2666 and I think it should be useful to use them with a 6 cores cpu...)
    About GPU...I think it's "enough" the GTX 1060. I'd also like to keep the audio DAC SAbre for high resolution output (I'm an audiophile and I would appreciate a good audio unit...).
    And finally one thunderbolt I believe is a good idea to have one.

    Basically I found only the DTR could satisfy everything (except the weight that is 3.4) or I miss some other options you could suggest?

    Another thing I noticed is that almost the configurations proposed ot that site have battery that are tipically undersized compare with the cpu power

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    I'm coming from a Dell Precision 7710 17" 4k. My experience with 4k 17" Dell Precision is not completely positive since many times (even if I use Windows 10) software shows too much small characters...
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    Desktop replacements are powerful, but that power comes at a price. They're a desktop that happens to be portable enough to move between places with an outlet.
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    Plus no internal battery can power them gaming at full power without melting so more space is given to cooling and storage.
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    It sounds like you already know where your purchase is headed. Granted, a DTR's battery will leave something to be desired, but you can get some life out of it during basic use.

    The i9 is promising, you're just left waiting for it.
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