Color Gamut on Envy 17.3" Late 2017 and Late 2018 Vs. Spectre 15.6" Late 2018?

Discussion in 'HP' started by Chris Kelly, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Has anyone seen the two Envys and Spectres I'm referring to? Envy models 17(M)-AE0## and 17(M)-1## (late 2017), and 17(M)-BW0## (late 2018). Spectre X360 model 15T-DF0## (late 2018). claims the late 2017 Envy has the best color gamut. They haven't posted anything for the late 2018 Envy nor late 2018 Spectre. If anyone has seen the three I refer to, which one has the best color gamut?
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    It's actually pretty hard to tell for sure because sometimes HP (like everybody else) switches panels even within the same product line, even when similarly configured. Sometimes.

    Heck my Envy 13t WL-U came with a BOE077A panel with a 91% sRGB gamut coverage and I've never seen those pop up on a E13 before (only the X360s).

    So, it's hard to be sure TBH, but check out some in depth reviews that actually mention LCD panel part numbers and if you get more than one mention of a certain part number on a certain config (4k or FHD or whatever), there is a chance that that would be what you're getting.

    But seems you've been reading the field manuals of the lappies anyway so you're probably more informed then I am about them lol.
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