Coil Whine Inspiron 7570

Discussion in 'Dell' started by WhataD, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Hi guys,
    I have bought an Inspiron 7570, with the new i-7 8-th generation processors, a few weeks ago.
    From the moment i have trun this laptop on I noticed some "buzzing" noise coming from the processors... So i have contacted Dell and they decided to sobstitute my motherboard... but the problem was still there so I've sent another email and they finally called me back... The support told me that the COIL WHINE was a problem they have encountered in ALL the Inspiron 7570 with the i-7 processors and said that even replacing the laptop will not resolve the issue and to WAIT FOR BIOS UPDATE OR SOME KIND OF MOTHERBOARD UPDATE (this is the most absurd thing i have ever heard) ....
    What are your suggestions ? Should I have to pretend the sobstitution of the entire laptop ? Has anyone encountered the same issues ?
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    You probably won't get it fixed even if you replace the laptop for a different model altogether. The noise itself is caused by vibrations in the VRM coils and because of the lower power usage of modern CPUs, the noises is audible. Either learn to live with it or, well, keep buying and returning different laptops until you luck out and get one without coil whine as that is indeed very common on 6th, 7th and 8th gen Intel CPUs.
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    There is possibly also another source of crackling, static noise or coil whine. I had 2 laptops with coil whine for a short time (HP Omen and Acer A515) and had these noises. At first I thought it's a motherboard issue, but I think it wasn't. The location where the whine came from was always very close to the M.2 SSD on the motherboard. My assumption is, that it is the SSDs. And if you search in google, you can find in fact some talk about lower quality SSDs which "whine".

    Note that this is a guess based on trying to determine the location by closely listening to the noise, locating it from outside of the chassis, and comparing it with pictures of a disassembly. I did not disassemble these laptop myself and did not exchange or remove the SSD to verify the source of the noise (I couldn't do that because I had to return them without damaging anything. Uhm... note, that I didn't return them because of the whine).
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